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“Nice Journey on the Airlines” 12/03/2019

“Flight cancelled 3 months before departure - Very poor customer service” 11/03/2019

“Safe travel, Perfect service” 18/03/2019

“One of the best airlines in Europe” 18/03/2019

“Best Flight Ever” 18/03/2019

“Friendly skys” 18/03/2019

“Most awful company in the world” 22/10/2018

“Aside from Delayed, Things Are Happiness” 16/08/2018

“Pathetic service” 18/03/2019

“Best price and perfect service” 18/03/2019

“We were miles away from our destination.” 14/12/2018

“Grubby Airline; Unfriendly Staff” 26/08/2018

“Merely OK” 03/03/2019

“small but reliable airline” 08/08/2018

“Good value, on time and easy to deal with” 16/03/2019

“surprisingly good” 16/03/2019

“They need to be skipped!” 02/02/2019

“Short Flight” 01/02/2019

“Excellent service” 18/03/2019

“Better than average service” 18/03/2019

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