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“WORST AIRLINE EVER!!!!!” 15/11/2017

“Nice service” 10/11/2017

“Luggage theft: Luggage got churn up and things got stolen out of locked TSA case” 22/11/2017

“Thank you for making all Greeks proud :)” 19/11/2017

“Awful” 23/11/2017

“A Very Pleasant Flight to London (but does Anyone read Airline Reviews ?)” 22/11/2017

“A solid alternative carrier that avoids the crush at Faro” 11/09/2017

“Quick flight route from Lisbon (Cascais) to Southern Portugal” 07/09/2017

“Completely satisfied” 22/11/2017

“Worst Customer Service ever” 22/11/2017

“Be Aware!! --> Delayed Flights” 22/06/2017

“Pleasantly surprised” 12/11/2017

“They won't make it right” 11/11/2017

“Long wait Short Flight” 20/11/2017

“cancelled my flight ans won't return my money” 07/11/2017

“Dissapointing food but even more disappointing service” 22/11/2017

“The best airline I've used in the a long time” 22/11/2017

“If you miss your connection, buy another ticket” 21/11/2017

“SAA Always there for You” 20/09/2017

“Terrible flight i ever had” 06/11/2017

“Mrs” 10/09/2017

“Almost as badly organized as TAP” 16/08/2016

“Good airline” 17/11/2017

“Short flight to Oran” 11/10/2017

“Great experience” 02/11/2017

“Very positive experience” 28/10/2017

“Will avoid!” 18/11/2017

“One of the worst experiences ever” 15/11/2017

“Delayed” 21/11/2017

“Never again will AirAsia see me on one of their planes.” 20/11/2017

“Very sufficient! ” 22/11/2017

“Booking Process” 21/11/2017

“Very good meal on low cost flight” 19/11/2017

“Trip from hell” 15/11/2017

“Premium Flat Bed Tokyo to Melbourne” 22/11/2017

“Not a great or good option for mid range or long flights” 21/11/2017